Felix the cat saves christmas

Felix the cat saves christmas

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Felix the cat saves christmas and lives

And not with a single shot and it turns out to be the worst thing that could happen in the family. As long as they go through with this, I guess I'll just have to stick with being happy about it. That might be the way, but it isn't the way that Felix the cat would choose to be happy.

"That was something that nobody could have predicted," sd Michael C. He and a number of other animals who found themselves in the clutches of the cruel poachers will soon be on the front cover of the national book of records. They don't usually allow themselves to go out at night with the possibility of running into people like this. "We didn't know any of them.

"It's just me, and I can't help but think of the way they would have treated him if he was someone else's cat. I just wish we could have gotten there before them," Felix sd. This is why he saved so many cats.

When the team tried to follow the cat into the woods, he jumped into the back of the car and they ended up driving back to the house. I am sorry for putting myself in their position and I could not bear to witness the fate that my cat would have met if I had not intervened.

No one could have prepared them for this kind of horror. Felix the cat had been the mn attraction at the annual cat show at the Pekin Area Humane Society and Adoption Center. "So we had his back to a barn that was full of cats," sd Judy.

"That's why he just wanted to get home," she sd.

In the end, the team of hunters was unable to corral the large felines. All of the animals in this cruel and inhumane operation are trapped and hunted to death, sd Judy. The team was on its way back to their vehicles when Felix walked across a field and into their hearts.

Felix was one of the first animals to be saved at the Pekin Humane Society, sd Judy. It is no exaggeration to say that Felix has changed their lives. "We are all better because of Felix, and he will always be remembered for that," she sd.

To see more of Felix, visit the Facebook page, Pekin Area Humane Society and Adoption Center, at

Photos of Felix courtesy of Judy Durbin.

If you are interested in adopting one of the rescued cats at the Pekin Area Humane Society and Adoption Center, call them at 740-849-7387.

You can follow the Pekin Area Humane Society and Adoption Center on Facebook, and on the Pekin Humane Society and Adoption Center at

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