Can cats eat lizards

Can cats eat lizards

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Can cats eat lizards?

by Kate

(Caldwell, ID)

My husband and I have recently moved to a small town in Idaho. In addition to our usual dly chores, my husband is also a wildlife rehabilitator. This means he feeds injured/abandoned birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc. So, a few weeks ago, while he was working, I had to take care of our pets (a dog and three cats).

The dog has always been very aggressive towards small animals, so I had the dog confined to the house (although it would go outside and walk around if we let it outside). This was pretty easy to accomplish by keeping the dog's food and water away from the area of the house where the animals would normally be.

Well, one of the other cats (the one who hates dogs and will usually attack them if she sees them), ended up attacking and injuring a lizard. The lizard was injured on the leg and it had to be taken to the vet.

Now, my husband thinks the cat must have been fed lizard food (it wasn't on her dish). She seems to have been trying to catch lizards in our backyard, and once she got one she would start to carry it around with her. Now, I know that cats can eat lizards. I just wondered if they would eat a lizard that had a puncture wound?

Comments for Can cats eat lizards?

Lizards are the most popular and most common reptile to feed to a cat. They are very inexpensive and the taste is not too bad at all. I would imagine that the reason that you have a cat that will bite a lizard is because it smells or tastes different. My cat, as most of the cats I've ever known, only likes fresh meat. If the lizard was cooked, which is what most of them are, the cat would likely find it off-putting. The smell of cooked meat does not sit well with cats, and if the taste is off, the cat won't eat it. I would bet that you do not allow the cat to smell or taste it before offering it to your cat. If the lizard is not cleaned up before you offer it to the cat, you will have an awful case of cat-vomit. I would probably throw it away.

It's best to get the lizard when it's fresh, not when it has been sitting for a while. Otherwise, if the lizard was still alive when you got it, it would smell bad. Some of the lizards have a lot of scent glands in the skin, and they are much harder to get rid of. To clean it up, you will want to put the lizard in a large contner that you can seal up. I have a large glass fish tank that I use for this purpose. Get it out, place it in a bowl, close the bowl, and let it sit for about 12 hours. After 12 hours, if it is not dry, then you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. Otherwise, just allow it to dry on its own.

Now that you've got it cleaned, you can then cut off the head and feet and keep the lizard parts separate from the rest. I also like to cut off the tl and set it aside. Once it's been cleaned and you are sure it's no longer alive, then you can take the lizard to the reptile vet.

Another thing you should keep in mind, is that some people are allergic to lizards. Make sure you know what kind of cat you have, and that they're not allergic to them. If they are, then you won't be able to keep lizards around your house. Some types of cats also will not tolerate lizard meat at all.

June 19, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

My cat has always been a vegetarian. I feed her chicken, fish, and duck by the time she's about a year and a half old. She does very well on it. I wouldn't feed her something that I would eat, so there's no problem with a cat eating a lizard.

June 18, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

My cat has never been a vegetarian, and she has never been on an exclusive lizard diet. I feed her chicken, fish, and duck by the time she's about a year and a half old. She has a hard time with beef, lamb, and goat meat, but other meats are fine.

June 18, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

I know cats can eat lizards, but it seems they really like to eat live ones. I've never had a problem with my cat, but she's a stray that came up from the wild. I used to have a lizard named Elvis and he was fine with her. He's passed on now, but she'll still eat a lizard if they're still alive.

May 21, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

Lizards are not dangerous, but they are a good source of protein and calcium for a cat. A lot of people get them as gifts for their cat, and their cat ends up eating it and then vomiting it up. I just cut it into small pieces and put it into my cat's food, so she can't get a hold of it.

May 13, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

This was a joke on my part. I was wondering if a cat could eat a lizard because it is funny. I'm not sure but I think I know the answer to your question. You asked if a cat could eat a lizard and the answer is no a cat can not eat a lizard.

March 20, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

I know that a cat could eat a lizard. I've had a lizard named Elvis and my cat loves them. I'd give it to her in the summer but I'm afrd she'd eat it because she loves it.

March 11, 2013

Lizard diet for cats by: Anonymous

Cats are omnivores

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