Witch hazel for dogs ears

Witch hazel for dogs ears

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Witch hazel for dogs ears, back of neck, and ears

Witch hazel is a very gentle natural medicine, but it's a wonderful natural remedy for the common cold. I don't usually take witch hazel, but it always seems to help when my mother-in-law takes it for a sore throat. She even takes it for sore throats when she's out of town on business trips. The reason I have a witch hazel station by my kitchen sink is that I want to use it whenever I need it.

But, don't let your dog do her ears, nose, eyes, and back of neck with witch hazel. It's toxic to dogs.

Instead, use the witch hazel for the common cold. Here are the ingredients in one witch hazel tincture. They are natural, except for the alcohol and the glycerin. Witch hazel is a decongestant, so the tincture can help dry the mucous from the upper respiratory tract.

I use this for the ears. This mixture can also be used for the mouth and the eyes. It's for external use only. The tincture is available at health food stores, supermarkets, or you can order it online.

There are so many herbal remedies for the common cold, I'm sure you'll find one to help your dog.

Witch hazel is known for use as a cough and cold remedy for dogs. It's used in many anti-inflammatories, such as over-the-counter and prescription medications used to relieve muscle and joint pain, fever and inflammation, and other cold-related symptoms. More information about using witch hazel for dogs can be found at the following links:

I love using witch hazel for ear mites. This is my favorite anti-allergy home remedy for dogs. Witch hazel works as a decongestant to the ears, so that congestion from an ear mite infestation doesn't make your dog even more miserable.

One easy way to administer witch hazel to the ears is by soaking cotton balls or Q-tips in it. I sometimes use the cotton balls that come in a roll of Q-tips or just cut off a piece of a roll of cotton balls. If you need to cut off a piece of cotton, use a fresh Q-tip to dip in the tincture before using it.

You can also apply the tincture directly to the ear.

Another good home remedy for dogs with ear mites is to soak a piece of clean cotton or a Q-tip in witch hazel and apply it to the infected ear. If your dog has an itchy ear, you can apply witch hazel to the affected ear and keep it for several days to relieve the itchiness and dry the ear.

Remember that this treatment should not be used to treat the dog for any illness or medical condition, unless directed by a veterinarian or another pet care professional.

I also like to use witch hazel when I shave my dogs. I use witch hazel as an aftershave. It is also very moisturizing, which is why I love it as a shave and cut soap. I usually keep a small bottle of witch hazel around to apply on my dogs after the cut.

Remember to always make sure you have the right stuff for whatever you're using. For example, don't use alcohol as a cutting agent for your dog or for any other pets, because it is extremely toxic. Instead, use an organic aloe plant juice for that.

Remember to have fun with your pet and remember to give it love and lots of treats!

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