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Stepped on cat's tl

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Stepped on cat's tl in car: Cat survives after being hit by car in front of horrified motorists

It was one of the most gruesome car accidents ever to occur.

And yet it was almost completely ignored.

On September 3, 2010, at about 11pm in the sleepy town of Newmarket, Ontario, a motorist was driving down King Street when he hit something.

To the horror of the driver, his passengers and the motorists in the road behind him, the driver discovered that he had driven over a cat.

It was not a cat, it was an 8-week-old kitten.

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Horrifying: A driver accidentally drove over a kitten and left it to die in the road

The driver, who is reported to have been extremely shaken, stopped the car immediately.

After a frantic search for a phone, the driver was able to contact a vet in the nearby city of Peterborough.

The animal doctor at the vet clinic told the driver that, even if he had stopped his car immediately, the kitten probably wouldn't have survived.

The vet advised him to try and remove the kitten from the road, so that emergency workers could see it.

To the horror of his passengers, the driver pulled the car over and ran from the car into the road.

The stunned driver, an employee of a local business, was able to lift the kitten from the road and onto the grass, where it could be seen clearly, even from the passing cars.

The driver then walked back to his car and drove a safe distance to the road where emergency crews and a police officer could see him.

The kitten was then carefully placed on the shoulder of the road and emergency crews, who were able to reach the scene quickly, tried to administer first d.

Sadly, it was too late.

Emergency crews managed to keep the kitten warm until they could reach a veterinary hospital in nearby Peterborough.

But by the time the animal rescue and police arrived at the vet, the kitten had already died.

Incredibly, when the vet inspected the body, it was found that the kitten had no injuries and appeared to be in perfect health.

The vet believes the kitten had suffocated to death as a result of being trapped between two vehicles for a short time.

Peterborough Police Constable Steve Stahley told CTV News Channel that he was 'appalled' at the incident.

He sd the driver had called for police and rescue workers before he stopped his car, but he did not make his distress call for the accident until he arrived back at the scene.

Inspector Steve Stahley (left) with Newmarket Police. Constable Steve Stahley (right) with the kitten

Consequences: The kitten was unable to tell emergency crews who it belonged to. However, it was given a name and a good funeral

The Newmarket Police Department sd it would be reviewing how it dealt with the case and whether it could have been prevented.

'The police department is looking at that and reviewing how that incident transpired,' sd Constable Steve Stahley.

'We are also looking at the fact that we had a man who called the police department to alert us, yet we did not have a single call from anyone else who witnessed the accident.'

Mr Stahley also sd the driver was left 'terribly distraught' by the incident.

'We are doing an internal review on this matter with the police officer involved, the vet involved and the officers who responded to the accident,' he sd.

The Newmarket Police Department sd it will be reviewing how it handled the case.

Newmarket Police sd it is reviewing how it handled the case and whether it could have been prevented

'Newmarket Police takes any allegations agnst its officers extremely seriously,' it sd in a statement.

'Police officers are responsible for the welfare of the public as well as the safety of themselves.

'Police officers have a difficult job and sometimes make mistakes.

'If anyone has concerns about police officers’ actions, we would encourage them to speak to the police department immediately.'

In addition to his internal review, Mr Stahley sd the cat's family will be contacted.

He sd the kitten had no injuries and was in perfect health, but had suffocated to death.

Police are not pursuing charges agnst the driver.

The kitten was given a name and a good funeral.

It has not been revealed whether or not the driver was disciplined by his employer, though an investigation was launched into the matter.

Incident: The kitten was not seriously injured, but was left trapped on the road for a short time

Peterborough Humane Society sd that, given the circumstances, the driver's action was not criminal.

'In this case, as in any case involving animal cruelty, the actions of the individual are not criminal,' a Peterborough Humane Society spokesperson sd.

'Animal cruelty is a criminal matter that is prosecuted through the courts and only in rare cases does it involve an animal cruelty incident.

'When a person, including a motorist, sees an animal in distress and does not attempt to save the animal, it’s always a good idea to call 911 to report it.'

A Newmarket Police Department statement sd: 'The Newmarket Police Department is committed to ensuring the rights and safety of all people who use our roads.

'In the matter of a motor vehicle collision, in which the operator, in this case, an employee of a local business, struck an animal on the roadway,

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