Why do cats shake

Why do cats shake

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Why do cats shake their heads and eyes at you?

In some areas of the world, cats are known to shake their head and their eyes when they look at you. Why is this? Is it just because they feel annoyed, or is it part of the “feline body language” for a reason that we don’t know?

There are plenty of myths, tales, and opinions about this feline behaviour. So why don’t we stop wondering about it and just ask a cat-researcher?

1. The cat shakes his head because of a headache

Headache can be caused by many things. If your cat is a feline migrne sufferer, shaking her head is the only way she can get relief from the intense pn. But this is not always the case.

While cats are known for their strong sense of smell, they don’t have the human’s sense of pn. They can only sense pn by using their ears and their whiskers.

Cats shake their head to avoid the intense headache from their ears, and also to prevent the pn in their whiskers and their face.

2. It’s a way of telling you that something is wrong with him

While it is true that they can get a headache, a feline migrne is much rarer than in humans.

When cats do get a migrne, it can be due to a number of things such as stress, too much caffeine, lack of water, lack of sleep, poor diet, or something that they’re allergic to. But when they do get a migrne, their whiskers and ears will become sensitive, and this is when they’ll shake their head.

3. It’s a way of telling you that he doesn’t like something or somebody

Cats are social animals. They have very strong relationships with their humans, but they also have very strong relationships with their other family members and friends.

It’s a way of communicating with you. If they’re angry, they will show it in their body language by shaking their head. If they don’t want to be with you, they’ll shake their head and their eyes. If they don’t want to play, they’ll also shake their head and their eyes.

In conclusion

If you want to find out why your cat is shaking her head and her eyes at you, ask a cat-researcher or vet. Don’t waste your time wondering about it. Your cat is a beautiful, intelligent, and social being. Why would you want to spoil her with negative thinking and assumptions?

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