Tie dye cat shirt

Tie dye cat shirt

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Tie dye cat shirt

I’m not sure if I’m the right person to do this but I’m going to give it a shot.I think a few people may get a kick out of it.

I’m going to do a short story of my life and I hope people find it amusing.I’m sure some people will think it’s silly.I’m sure there will be some mean people who hate it.

But I also hope that you will feel some respect for my story and for my family.

So here goes…

My father is a Vietnam Vet and a member of the VFW.My father loves to tell stories of the Vietnam War.He always tells the same story.

My father is not a tall man but he is very strong and brave.He is a member of the American Legion.He always carries a Veterans For Peace patch on his coat.

My mother is a strong woman.She is always there for me.She never says a mean thing about my father or myself.

My mother’s husband died on my father’s birthday in 2005.That was not a good day for my father.That was the saddest day in his life.He said that he could feel the pain of my mother and her husband.That they were both gone.

One day my father received a letter from my mother.She told him that she had found a website with some information that might help his PTSD.My mother’s husband had told my father that if he joined that site that it might help with his PTSD.So my father decided to see if he could find this site.He wanted to help my mother.

When my father found this site it said that it could not help him.He said that it could only help people who were in a war zone or that had been through the Holocaust.My father did not know what the Holocaust was and he did not know what a war zone was.He was a farmer and he did not know much about Vietnam.He said that if he had known he would have known that a war zone was in his home.

My father called my mother.He wanted to see if she was okay.He wanted to ask her what this site was all about.

When my mother heard my father’s voice she knew that he was upset.My mother knew that the site had been taken down but she had been told by her husband that if he joined it it might help his PTSD.My mother wanted to help my father so she told him to call that number and ask for help.

The person that my mother spoke to on the phone was a lady that worked for the Veterans For Peace organization.She was the lady that found the site for my father.The lady on the phone told my mother that the site would only work if he was in a war zone.My mother told her that that was exactly where her husband was.My mother told the lady on the phone that she was trying to get my father a PTSD counselor in Iowa.My mother told the lady on the phone that she was in Indiana and that it would take her time to get her husband to Iowa.

My mother told the lady on the phone that her husband was a Vietnam Vet.She told the lady on the phone that her husband’s name was Mike and that he was a member of the American Legion.My mother said that she did not know her husband’s age or his rank.

My mother asked the lady on the phone if there was something that she could do.The lady on the phone said that my mother could try to get some people to write letters to Mike.My mother asked the lady on the phone if that would work and the lady told her that it might.

The lady on the phone told my mother that they were not going to write any letters.My mother could call Mike every day and try to get a counselor to help him.The lady on the phone told my mother that Mike was going to be okay.

My mother tried to call my father and tell him all that she had just told her.I could tell that she was upset and that she was trying not to cry.I was still in bed when she called my father.She was crying and she could not talk.

My father could tell that something was wrong.He could tell that my mother had been crying.He asked her if she was okay.

My mother could not talk.She cried and cried.She finally told my father that she had just gotten a call that might help his PTSD.My mother told my father that he was going to be all right.My mother cried even harder.

My father told my mother that he would go down to his work place and ask his boss what he could do.My father then called the American Legion to see if they could help.My father told the man on the phone that he had just been called by a lady in Indiana that he was in a Vietnam War Zone.The man told my father to write a letter.

My father wrote a letter to Mike.He told Mike that he was in Vietnam and that Mike should look for him in the hospital.My father wrote that Mike had to come to the hospital.He told Mike that there was no need to worry and that he would be all right.

My father was right.My father did not worry about Mike because he knew that his job was to help other vets.Mike was not in the hospital.Mike’s family was going through a difficult time.They could not find him.

My father knew that if Mike came home he would get the help that he needed.My father called the American Legion and told them that he had found Mike’s name.He told them that Mike’s family was trying to find him.The American Legion gave my father Mike’s phone number.

My father called Mike’s family and told them that Mike had been found.He said that Mike’s family could come and get him.My father told Mike’s family that he could help Mike and