White dog coffee menu

White dog coffee menu

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White dog coffee menu, black-owned coffee,

brown-owned coffee, white-owned

coffee, black-owned coffee, etc. But

what about the coffee?

Well, to put it simply, most

of the coffee that we serve at

Soup-and-Nuts is fr trade

coffee. It's actually in the

majority of the coffee that

we serve at Soup-and-Nuts.

Most of the restaurants that we

serve at have very good

relationships with the coffee

companies. Some of them

actually come and pick it up.

Others we buy it and we make

a very large order.

How long has your company been

focusing on coffee?

Well, it was a small-scale

business. I started out with

about eight of us. I wanted

to do this coffee business.

But, we started getting more

people, more customers, so

we had to grow. So it started

growing, but it was still

relatively small. We are still

very small. I would say our

coffee menu and coffee menu

options are still really

minimal. We serve only one

coffee. There are only six

other places that have to our

knowledge that make only one


So why does your

concentration in this small

space be focused on coffee?

It just came about. The

reason it came about is I was

really interested in fr

trade coffee. I found a couple

of places in New York City

that were really small

businesses. One was a coffee

bar with just beans and

chocolate. I did a tasting for

them. It was a nice taste. I

wouldn't say it was a real

concentration of that, but I

just really liked it. I was

like, 'Wow, this is good.

This is really good. I should

probably try to figure out a

way to brew that.' And they

didn't have any tools. They

had a coffee machine that

looked just like a regular

coffee machine, but it wasn't.

It just had a very small

filter. So I told them, 'I'm

thinking I'm going to have to

start getting some tools to

start brewing.' So I started

doing research and that was

when I found out there are

just certn types of tools

that have been avlable for

coffee making, or that

companies have made tools.

So I looked around and I

started searching and what I

found was like, 'Oh, this

company makes these. They

make these great tools. I

think I can do this.' And

that's how I started brewing.

So that's your initial

thought in starting to think

about developing your own

brewing equipment?

So that's true. I

actually got a call from

somebody who was talking to a

different company about some

pneumatic tools and how much

you had to buy and you have

to have a big house to have

the tools to start

working with them. I was

like, 'This is exactly what I

have. I do have some tools.'

So I told her what I had and

she was like, 'Oh my gosh,

this is amazing. I've never

seen anything like this in

my life. This is just a

remarkable company.' And it

was, but it's just hard to

make things, and it takes a

lot of money, you know, to

start building stuff like

that. So she was like, 'I'm

going to buy your


So, that was kind of the

point in a way. I had some

equipment that I didn't


I had a beer

extraction kit and I had

some other cool stuff that

I was planning to make and

I was like, 'Well, I'm

building a home. How

can I live in a smaller

house, more portable?'

And I was like, 'I'm going

to have a portable


Because I'm like,

'I don't want to make all

these other things.' So I

was like, 'I have a kit. I

don't have to get that

stuff out. I can just have

what I want.' So she was like,

'Well, if you really want

it, I'll buy that


So I was like, 'Yeah,

that's cool, you can buy it

if you want to.'

So then she gave me

$200.00, and that's where

I was like, 'Okay. Cool.

I'm going to try to do


That's where we ended up

going and we worked

pretty much around the

clock for a couple of

weeks making this kit. And

then I showed her what I

made and she was like,

'Well, it's a pretty

cool kit.'

Yeah. So it was nice

because we worked together

and then she did that.

So, yeah, I learned a lot

from that. It really

built up my confidence in


I guess I didn't

really realize it at the


So, I worked for her

for a couple more years.

And then I went to work for

one of my other


But I still have a lot

of friends that I work

with and a lot of people

that I work with. And

those people are like,

'What are you doing now?'

I don't really

answer that question

because I don't really

want to tell them what I'm

doing. I'm pretty sure they

don't want to know.

But I just started this

company. We make really

cool guitars.

I don't really like

sharing that with

people because I know I

might get into trouble.

Like people might be like,

'Hey, I know you, you

made the guitar.'

But like, I've got


That are in the same

place I was when I was

making those things.

And I wouldn't tell them

about it, I just keep it

to myself.

When I was in school I was

like, 'If I can make this

cool thing or make this

cool concept happen, I'll

be able to live a really

good life. And I can have

the fun, have the nice car.

And I can live that

life that everyone's

dreaming about.'

That's not going to happen

in this day and age. So

that's why I don't answer

that question.

I just sd what I was

going to do.

You don't want to be the

best you can be.

If you don't want to be

the best you can be,

you're not going to go

very far.

And you're not going to

make a whole lot of


Doing something that's

fun is a lot better than

doing something that's not


There's some really great

people that I work with,

who I hang out with. And

we go fishing, we go



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